2015. 09. 22.

Close Up Festival, Eger, Hungary - animation, fine arts and music

Eger’s second Close Up audiovisual festival is being held this year. All screenings will take place in the city’s local cinema located in the city centre.

The Close Up audiovisual festival was founded in 2014 with the aim of allowing young filmmakers to display their talent to a wider audience, in exchange for experience and the chance to make professional contacts. All are welcome, and as the festival is open and free it is possible for everyone to watch the new and experimental films.

There will be animations from:
  • Eszterházy College, Eger
  • MOME – Moholy-Nagy Art University, Budapest
  • Budapest Metropolitan College
  • EKF School, Vocational Training, Eger
  • Eventus Art School, Vocational Training, Eger
There will also be a screening of the animation film Limbo Limbo Travel, winner of an award at the recent Cinefest International Film Festival.

As well as animation, there will be electronic and acoustic concerts from a wide variety of performers including morningdeer and MYGL, as well as an exhibition of young artists’ work from Eszterházy College.

The festival is supported by the Town of Eger and Eszterházy College, and there is no admission charge.

Facebook event  Contact: closeupeger@gmail.com

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